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2019 Ashley Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 Ashley Award winners!

Josie Lindstrom (Cloquet AJ’s Landscaping), Anna Serna (Cherry), Emma Parks (Cloquet Carlton Meat & Grocery), Anna Hron (Duluth Tigers), Brooklyn Smith (Eveleth Gilbert), Rylee Kalkbrenner (Hermantown Gold), Sophia Gustason (Hermantown Purple), Emma McDowell & Layla Rajkovich (Hibbing), Jenna Beck (MLWR State Farm).

Grace Kreinbring (Bay Area Storm), Lily Housey (CMC Lightning), Kaitlyn Kuklock (Duluth Riptides), Emily Gustafson (Hermantown), Grace McDowell (Hibbing), Mackenzie Hoffmann (MLWR Hoffman Hardware), Morgan Olesiak (MN Blast 13s), Tara Stratton (Rampage Rec), Jaclyn Samarziya (Superior), Jada Brown (Western Wolverines).

2018 Ashley Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 Ashley Award Winners!

Front Row (14U):
Lauren Staples (Cherry), Jayden Karppinen (Esko), Phylesha Preston (South Ridge), Justice Paro (Cloquet B&B), Hannah Roach (Moose Lake Willow River Blizzards), Tessa Schauer (Western Wolverines), Ella Koos (Duluth Riptides), Brianna Lapoint (Rice Lake Warriors)

Back Row (12U):
Katie Metzer (Cloquet Park Avenue Fitness), Lorelyn Nelson (Duluth TIgers), Jenna Sacco-Lamusga (Hibbing), Ella Maslowski (Cloquet State Farm), Lilly Crouley (Hermantown Blue), Jill Anderson (MN Blast 12s), Madison Wasche (Moose Lake Hoffman Hardware), Lauren Johnson (Proctor Rockets), Eva Peterson (Superior), Kendyle Suksi (Proctor Rails), Abby Mitchell (Rampage Green), Abby Grafmyre (Duluth Badgers)

2017 Ashley Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Ashley Award winners!

Back Row (14U): Brooke Koellin – Acceleration Fastpitch, Lauren Staples – Cherry, Ellie Tillma – Thunder Fastpitch, Brynn Martin – MN Blast, Brenna Stark – Esko, KayeLea Poirer – Northern Outlawz, Emma Carlson – Red Corvettes, Hailey Chandler – South Ridge Panthers, Sam Snyder – Western Wolverines.

Front Row (12U): Lexi Goranson – Cloquet USG, Ellie Pessenda – Duluth Bulldogs, Amari Nunez – Hermantown Grey, Courtney Lane – Duluth Badgers, Emily Neveau – Duluth Tigers, Aune Boben – Hibbing, Brooke Proulx – MN Blast, Abigail Hanson – Proctor Rockets, Alexis Hoffman – Moose Lake Willow River, Jackie Solum – Rice Lake.


2016 Ashley Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2016 Ashley Award winners!

IMG_20160626_123954 (Medium)

U12: Jess Stevens (Barnum Blues), Cassie Bergman (Duluth Tigers), Brooke Kent (Carlton-Wrenshall DeCaigny Excavating), Bailey Reynolds (Cloquet B&B Market), Eve Eugenis (Cloquet Outdoor Advantage), Lauren Staples (Cherry), Macey DeRoiser (Duluth Bulldogs), Melody Jenkins (Grand Rapids Black), Hanna Kinunenen (Grand Rapids Orange), Olivia Mustar (Grand Rapids White), Emma Cherney (Hermantown #2), Miranda Weaver (MN Blast 12s), Maci Kukuk (MLWR Dairy Queen), Adella Olesiak (South Ridge), Emilie Houge (Sartell), Hannah Peasley (Western Wolverines)

U14: Bella Anderson (C&C Alliance), Natalie Thornburg (Chisago Lakes), Maddy Vavrosky (Duluth Dynamite), Ellie Tillma (Grand Rapids), Amanda Paul (MN Blast 14s), Abby White (Moutain Iron Buhl Rangers), Tory Anderson (Northwestern), Beth McQuade (South Ridge Panthers), Zoe Stenseth (Rice Lake Warriors)