2019 Ashley Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 Ashley Award winners!

Josie Lindstrom (Cloquet AJ’s Landscaping), Anna Serna (Cherry), Emma Parks (Cloquet Carlton Meat & Grocery), Anna Hron (Duluth Tigers), Brooklyn Smith (Eveleth Gilbert), Rylee Kalkbrenner (Hermantown Gold), Sophia Gustason (Hermantown Purple), Emma McDowell & Layla Rajkovich (Hibbing), Jenna Beck (MLWR State Farm).

Grace Kreinbring (Bay Area Storm), Lily Housey (CMC Lightning), Kaitlyn Kuklock (Duluth Riptides), Emily Gustafson (Hermantown), Grace McDowell (Hibbing), Mackenzie Hoffmann (MLWR Hoffman Hardware), Morgan Olesiak (MN Blast 13s), Tara Stratton (Rampage Rec), Jaclyn Samarziya (Superior), Jada Brown (Western Wolverines).


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