2014 Ashley Award Winners

Congratulations to all of the 2014 Ashley Award Winners!

IMG_20140629_123952 - Copy


Marissa Steltz (Minnesota Blast 13’s), Delanie Bushbaum (South Ridge Panthers), Julia Jerome (NW Diamonds), Alysha Volkenant (Duluth Drive), Hanah Mondlock (Rox Gold), Gianna Torres (Duluth Hurricane), Malania Madill (Proctor Crush), Aliisa Mayry (Cherry Tigers), Marki Klatt (Grand Rapids), Ally Martin (Minnesota Blast 14’s), Hannah Stark (Esko Fury), Hailee Melgeorge (Superior), Amanda Christansen (Duluth Whitecaps), Tori Berg (Hibbing)


Ella Boysen (Proctor Heat), Abbygayle Almer (South Ridge Panthers), Abigail Mickle (Carlton), Molly Fineday (Cloquet USG), Madelyn Dostal (Cloquet Crushers), Brooke Ogren (Northwestern), Paige Dierks (Rice Lake), Darbi Klatt (Grand Rapids), Megan Nygaard (Duluth Waves)


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